Home Automation Columbus, Ohio

Home Automation Columbus

How many people have accidentally left the house and forgotten to lock the door? How many people have been unintentionally locked out by a toddler while they didn’t have their keys, or found that they left all of the lights on without knowing it and started wasting energy? How many people have heard noises outside, and wished there was a way to check without going downstairs where a burglar might be lurking?

Thanks to modern technology, you can always be connected to your home. In Columbus, hundreds of families and homeowners are starting to rig their home with an outstanding advancement in tech security, known as “Home Automation,” and at Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions LLC, we provide the most affordable Columbus, Ohio Home Automation Services in the area.

    • Security

    Home automation allows you to monitor your home, receive real time notifications for issues like door opening and alarm sounding, allows you to lock your doors, turn on and off lights, and more with the click of a button. It is a great way to stay safe while at home, while you’re away, when you have visitors, and much more. Home automation provides incredible security that few other technologies offer.

    • Energy Savings

    What makes home automation in Columbus even more valuable, however, is that you can also control things like energy use. You can use your home automation software or home security app to turn lights off that you or your family accidentally left on, turn off the thermostat, and more. Great for those that have had to leave quickly and want to make sure they do not waste energy.

    • Comfort

    Columbus, Ohio home automation also provides you with tools to make sure that you’re comfortable from the moment you step home. You can turn on the thermostat before you arrive so that you’re the perfect temperature when you get indoors, turn on lights at night so that you can see inside of your house, and more.

Our full suite of home automation services include a variety of tools and solutions to match the needs of the average resident. When you elect for home automation, you’ll receive features that include:

  • Custom Web Site
  • Real Time Notifications
  • No Phone Line Required
  • Remote Arming & Disarming
  • Home Security Camera Access
  • Remotely Control & Program Light, Locks, Thermostats, and More
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